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VVR Voice Studios ~ Professional Voice Lessons

Vicky Vlassis-Radulovich~Vocalist, Teacher & Motivational Coach

Testimonials and Comments

"Vicky Vlassis-Radulovich possesses a voice rich in colour and vibrancy. Her warm yet fiery sound is captivating and emotionally stimulating. She is versatile in genres ranging from opera to art song, and even ethnic traditional idioms that are uncommon in our singing community today."

Mary-Lou Patricia Vetere - Phd (abd) Historical Musicology

Professional Critic and Instructor

"Over the past year, Vicky has helped me develop and strengthen both my speaking voice and singing voice. Vicky's valuable expertise and knowledge allows her to provide an individualized Voice Program which addresses each student's needs and goals. I appreciate Vicky's supportive and encouraging approach. She relates well to both adults and children and is a very effective and well respected professional voice teacher in the Niagara Region."

Sheryl Bench - Elementary School Teacher, DSBN

"In a little over 3 months, Vicky has been able to take me to the next level; achieving confidence in my voice, and helping me understand my technique and in ways never imagined. She is professional, knowledgeable, caring, and has an amazing ability to illustrate vocal concepts in ways that help me truly understand my voice. She really is the best!"

Bashar Mutlak - Entrepreneur and Engineer