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VVR Voice Studios ~ Professional Voice Lessons

Vicky Vlassis-Radulovich~Vocalist, Teacher & Motivational Coach

Vicky welcomes you!

Are you ready to sing your heart out? Have you always wanted to learn how to sing properly? Or are you perhaps a current musician who would like to enhance your vocal potential? You may also simply want to strengthen your voice to eliminate vocal fatigue and hoarseness after a performance or a day of lecturing. Whatever the reason, young or old, whether you are a corporate speaker, singing beginner, advanced vocalist, or active vocal performer; I can help you.

I have several years of experience teaching voice and I find nothing more fulfilling than hearing the positive changes one can attain with their voice when applying the proper technique. I teach beginners, students preparing for university, professional performers and even lecturers, and everyone is able to improve their sound and or performance if they commit to applying the various elements needed for the voice to function at its full potential.

Singing lessons however not only improve your sound but can relieve stress and provide immense self-confidence no matter what the age. Singing lessons have also shown to improve focus and concentration amongst children and more importantly once again promote self-confidence. Through vocal lessons students and adult clients can all see a dramatic improvement in general speaking, presentation skills and of course singing!

The most frequent question I get asked is 'Can someone be taught to sing?' and the answer is yes! One must understand that the vocal cords require specific and consistent training just like all other athletic and artistic fields. When experiencing vocal difficulties it is essential the student or client understand that it is not their voice that is the problem, it is their method. The biggest problem I come across with clients is tension. The voice is an extremely sensitive instrument that requires a solid technique for it to function in a consistent manner. Since each person is very different and at a different level, it is therefore best to contact me for a free trial lesson and consultation to discuss and determine what I can do to help you sound the best you can possibly sound!


I am also an active performer and available special performances and events. I will work with you well before your event date to understand your preferences and plan just the right repertoire for your event. A free consultation is provided to determine what is best for you. A formal estimate will then be provided.

Contact Vicky for a Free

Lesson and Consultation or for

more information. 

Ph. 289 929 9493

Niagara Falls ~ St. Catharines ~ Fonthill

Beamsville ~ Grimsby

   Vicky has now also opened another music school in Grimsby offering instruction in all instruments! For more information on Strive Studios please review the website at